What is foot accupressor ?<br><br>Foot is a miniature of body

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Jun 19, 2016
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Living Foot Acupressure

The effect of foot massage is same as elixir of life.

The foot is the foundation of health.

1. What is foot accupressor ?

- What is Reflexology?
- The foot tells us how health we are
- How does reflexology work?
- Precautions
- How to do foot bath

2. Let's do foot massage all over in 30 minutes

Let's do foot massage with Alcohol and exclusive cream
Do flex a muscle
basic reflex zone massage
head reflex zone massage
the upper reflex zone massage on the sole of the foot
the lower reflex zone massage on the sole of the foot
reflex zone massage on the inside of foot
reflex zone massage on the outside of foot
reflex zone massage on the top side of the foot
Repeat the basic reflex zone massage

3. By symptoms
symptoms of living
digestive system
circulatory system
respiratory system
nervous system.
sense system
endocrine system
skin diseases
urinogenital organs
Musculoskeletal System

stomatitis,singultus,constipation,abdominal distension,anemia ,menstrual irregularity,menstrual pain,diarrhea,indigestion,hands are benumbed,recover sight,anorexia,halitosis,sneeze,carsickness,toothache,snoring,migraine,alleviate a fever .... etc
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