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Nov 14, 2023
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Say hello to Focused Pupa - a gamified focus app that helps you break phone addiction and improve productivity. By staying away from your phone and using the app, you can earn PupaCoins or donate your phone-free time to a good cause and make a positive impact on the world. With Focused Pupa, you can turn your focus time into a social benefit and make a difference.

Get into a focused state with Focused Pupa! Start a session when you need to concentrate on your work, and a beautiful butterfly will join you on your journey. As you stay focused and resist the temptation of using your phone, the butterfly will gradually evolve and become ready to fly. If you successfully complete your session, you will earn PupaCoins that can be donated to good causes. However, if you give in to temptation and leave the app, your butterfly won't fly and you won't earn any PupaCoins. With Focused Pupa, you can stay focused, be productive, and enjoy the satisfaction of seeing your butterfly take flight.

Experience a sense of achievement like no other with Focused Pupa! Watch your butterfly fly high, representing your dedication and hard work towards achieving your goals. By using Focused Pupa, you can reduce procrastination and build good habits of time management, enabling you to achieve your tasks more efficiently. Whether you are a student or a professional, Focused Pupa is the perfect app for you to stay focused, be productive, and take control of your time. Download now and start your journey towards success!

Donate For Good
• The app converts your phone-free time into PupaCoins, which you can donate to a social benefit campaign that aligns with your values. With each PupaCoin, you're contributing to a cause that can make a difference in the world.

Unlock NFT Butterflies
• Earn PupaCoins for every minute you stay focused, and use them to unlock unique, characterized NFT butterflies that are each with its own unique design and traits. With each butterfly you unlock, you can visually track your progress in reducing phone usage and building a good habit of time management!

Stay Focused Anywhere, Anytime
• Are you easily distracted by your smartphone while studying, reading, or working? Focused Pupa has got you covered! If you can't pay attention to your study, read, or work, use Focused Pupa!
• Start a session and resist the temptation to pick up your phone to focus on your tasks and avoid distractions.

Level up your focus and track your progress towards your study goals with Focused Pupa. Check out the live session screen to see how many others are focusing alongside you from the comfort of your own home.

Check the Leaderboard Page
• You can track your progress and compete with others on the leaderboard that allows you to see where you stand among other users in terms of focus duration and PupaCoin donations. The four time intervals (today, yesterday, last week, and last month) make it easy to track your progress over time and see how you stack up against other users. Competing with others can motivate and encourage you to stay focused and reduce your phone usage and stay focused on your tasks.

Track Your Progress
• Easily monitor your daily, weekly, and monthly focus duration and improve your productivity by building a habit of focus.

Earn More PupaCoin
• Invite your friends to Focused Pupa and earn more PupaCoins, which can be donated to social benefit campaigns. Through Focused Pupa's gamified system, earn PupaCoins and turn your focus time into a positive impact on the world.

Download Focused Pupa for free and register to start using all its features, including the focus button for immediate use. With its innovative design, detailed session reports, and success badges, Focused Pupa is an app that aims to help you stay away from your phone.

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