We make your phone fly!Highly customize your Android experience in a smart way.

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Aug 02, 2016
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Fly Launcher is the smartest Android launcher on the planet. We make your phone faster and deliver you a completely new Android experience!


- Fast in phone search
- Smart Folders
- Smart Toolbar
- Custom Wallpapers

Fast in phone search

Search the web, your apps, contacts, even video and audio files all within one single widget. We provide you with the fastest and most convenient search experience out there. And get smarter every time you use it.

Smart folders

Conveniently organize your apps in smart folders and automatically sort them by category. No longer have a messy homescreen filled with dozens of icons and not really knowing what is where. Save a lot of time and hassle.

Fly Swipe

Quickly browse through your most frequently used apps or get app recommendations depending on your usage and all with a single swipe. You're an arcarde game fan but played through all your games already? Get one you which don't know yet.


There are soon 4 billion android users and tons of different android handsets out there, yet almost all android users share the same experience:

Over time they install a lot of apps and regardless of how powerful their smartphone is at some point it becomes slow. The screens become messy and unorganized full of various apps, most of which people don't even use on a regular basis. Fly Launcher is here to fix that!

Founded by a bunch of professional mobile marketers and developers, Fly Launcher's mission is to deliver the world's most smart and personalized user experience to Android users worldwide.
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