Go on an epic adventure to save Evermore in this JRPG Anime Turn Based Game!

Latest Version

Jun 26, 2023

Evermore Knights GAME


- Play for Free!
Clear quests and dungeons and daily activities to earn valuable Evergems!

- Strategic Turn-Based Gameplay!
Assemble a party of four and utilize the power of elemental reactions to obliterate your foes!

- Challenging Dungeons!
Face challenging enemies and collect rewards to power up your party members!

- Anime Inspired 2D Action!
Pull off fancy explosive attacks and unlock new unique and exclusive characters to your roster.

- Maximizing your characters with Gear and Rare Drops!
Upgrade your equipment with collectible gears and rare drops obtained from monsters and daily dungeons.

- Epic Journeys Await!
Explore the world of Temeris and meet a cast of fun and quirky characters each with their own unique storylines.
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