Connect DNS Address and Speed Test DNS Servers with DNS Manager (Without Root)

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Oct 01, 2020

Easy Auto DNS Changer APP

Download now and improve your mobile gaming experience or speed up your browsing experience by changing your DNS server with Easy Auto DNS Changer! DNS Changer App is the perfect free tool that you can use to change DNS servers whether you are Wi-Fi or mobile data connection.

Working like DNS Manager, Easy Auto DNS Changer is the easiest way to change DNS and speed test DNS Address to make your connection efficient. Change DNS server for free on Wi-Fi or mobile data connection without root and easily test popular DNS servers all around the world!

What is DNS Changer?

DNS Changer App allows you to change your DNS servers on your mobile devices for free and easily, it will not affect the speed of your internet connection in bad way. So, it is faster than a regular VPN.

DNS Changer works like DNS Manager and allows you to easily connect to any of the popular DNS servers. Thanks to the DNS speed test feature, you can see the latency data of the DNS addresses you have connected to, so you can be sure that you are using the fastest DNS servers.

Download Easy Auto DNS Changer for Android and try it yourself! When you see that your internet connection has become much more safer and reliable, you'll ask yourself why I haven't used a DNS Changer before.

Why You Should Change Your DNS?

★ Faster connection to your favorite websites & mobile apps
★ More secure and private browsing
★ Allows you to watch Netflix or similar streaming services from any country
★ More secure on public Wi-Fi
★ Enjoy the best net browsing performance
★ Smoother and better online gaming experience
★ Easy one tap to connect – no registration, login or password required
★ No root required and totally free
★ Give a chance to test the connection speeds of different DNS servers

How Easy Auto DNS Changer Speed Up Internet Connection?

You have a high-speed Internet connection whether on mobile data or WiFi, but noticing that your web browsing speed isn’t all that fast, then your problem may lie in the DNS servers your ISP providing. By optimizing your mobile device's DNS records or addresses, you can find the fastest DNS settings for your mobile data to take when surfing the Internet. It won’t boost to your download/upload speed, but in some cases it can result in quite a noticeable improvement in web browsing time.

How to use Easy Auto DNS Changer?

DNS Override is very easy with Easy Auto DNS Changer. To change the DNS, you must first select the DNS server you want to use from the menu in the upper right corner of the screen. After selecting the DNS server, you can easily activate the DNS addresses by clicking the “Activate” button at the bottom of the screen. Changing the DNS address is that easy! Now you can enjoy the faster browsing experience and smooth online gaming experience. Take your internet and gaming experience one step further with DNS Changer.

Easy Auto DNS Changer Features

► No root required
► Access to blocked or restricted sites
► Completely free
► Fastest and most secure DNS servers
► Simple interface and easy to use
► Both smartphone and tablet support
► Using the fastest DNS servers with DNS Speed Test feature
► Faster browsing experience
► Better online mobile gaming and online mobile app experience
► World's best and fast DNS Changer app
► Support for Wi-Fi and Mobile Network (2G / 3G / 4G / 5G)
► IPv4 and IPv6 DNS change support

DNS Servers You Can Use with DNS Manager

👍 Google DNS
👍 Open DNS
👍 Level3 DNS
👍 CloudFlare DNS
👍 Verisign DNS
👍 DNS Watch
👍 Comodo Secure DNS
👍 DNS Advantage
👍 Norton ConnectSafe DNS
👍 GreenTeam DNS
👍 SafeDNS
👍 SmartViper DNS
👍 Quad9 DNS
👍 FreeDNS
👍 Alternate DNS
👍 Yandex DNS
👍 censurfridns

Download Easy Auto DNS Changer now for free and improve your network connection with DNS Speed Test. Find the fastest DNS server and connect with a single touch.
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