dotpict is 4M downloads pixelart drawing app. Specialized function for pixelart!

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Feb 24, 2024
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More than 4 million downloads!

"dotpict" is an application specialized to drawing pixel art!

"dotpict" has a community function that allows you to post pixelart drawn with dotpict as well as those drawn with other applications!

We recommend it to anyone like this.
- Like pixelart!
- Want to draw pixelart quickly and easily on a phone!
- Want to show pixelart many users!
- Want to communicate with pixelart creators!

What can you do with dotpict?

◆Features specifically designed to create pixelart!
- You can also create animations!
- You can use most of the features for free, such as mesh pens, borders and previews.
- Autosave your pixelart during creation, so you can create pixelart without worry.

◆Participate in daily themes and events!
- If you are having trouble finding something to draw or an idea, try the daily challenges!
- Event provides a palette of colors that are easy to draw, and templates making it easy!
- You can also create your own events and other people to join in!

◆Browse, communicate and have fun with everyone's pixelart!
- More than 2,000 artworks are posted on dotpict every day!
- You can "like" your favorite pixelart and comment.
- You can follow users you like and meet your favorite pixelart more and more!

◆You can also post your artwork created outside of dotpict!
- About 99% of the artworks poosted have received a response.
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