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Sep 12, 2017


DOTELI BROWSER is a web browser that helps you explore every corner of the Internet and also offers you some other awesome elements. The customizable interface offers you different and super useful added features such as having direct access to your favorite webpages, weather information of any country in the world and the latest international news, organized by theme. You can also change some aesthetic aspects like the background or the colors of the different tabs.

Unlike generic browsers that may or may not work, DOTELI BROWSER offers you a high quality and smooth browsing experience alongside its intuitive interface and each and every one of its elements. Plus, the app takes up a minimum amount of resources and delivers the highest data usage optimization. DOTELI BROWSER can definitely give you a better Internet browsing experience.

Get away from the web browsing monopoly that the most popular companies are creating and enjoy an experience that’s just as good (if not better) with DOTELI BROWSER.
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