Automate tasks based on up to 100 map markers, each with a range of up to 500m.

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Mar 15, 2023
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Longtap the map and start placing markers at points of your interest.
Once you enter or leave any of these markers, the phone will automatically do what you specified. Examples of what you can specify are phone volumes, SMS message sending to one or multiple contacts (Currently limited due to Android's permission rules - can only be sent with user input), voice recording, screen brightness, flashlight, phone number calling, alarm ringing (there is a secret in the alarm screen, try to figure it out!) or app/website opening.

Location updates are sent in order to detect whether you entered or left a marker. You can customize how often you wish these updates to be retrieved - choose from 0-60 seconds or 2-30 minutes and adapt it to your needs, saving a large amount of battery.

Define whether the changes will be applied only once (enabling you to change them in the phone itself after) or constantly applied (meaning if you change it yourself, it will change back to what is scheduled to do at the next location update).

Currently 5 languages available, dark mode, map types and other configurations...

Note: Try not to configure a marker in a way that some automations may cancel each other (e.g. setting silent mode and turning on the alarm at the same time) as it may cause unexpected behaviour.
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