Meet Mr. Grumpy, your virtual pet neighborhood. Play funny jokes and pranksters!

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Mar 02, 2024
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Do Not Disturb GAME

Knock, knock! Meet your new neighbor: Mr. Grumpy! Funny games await you!

Mr. Grumpy is not the happiest neighbor, but he is definitely the most hilarious marmot in a virtual pet simulation. The angrier he gets, the more items and reactions you can unlock to make your prankster game even more exciting! Download for FREE* Do Not Disturb!, and make your neighbor mad with funny pranks.

Have fun playing prank games with Mr. Grumpy! Even though the virtual marmot insists you go away, don’t listen to him; instead, start knocking on his door to disturb him! Be a prankster with your neighbor, enjoy various reactions, discover new objects, and share lots of laughs with funny jokes.

Mr. Grumpy may not be a funny pet, but he sure is the funniest neighbor you can have! Make pranks and jokes, discover various funny reactions from the world's grumpiest animal neighbor. In addition to unlocking reactions, you earn items and collectibles to increase your arsenal of weird games pranks and raise your prank level. Are you ready to be a prankster?

With each fun games prank, Mr. Grumpy's anger meter increases, and when it does, it's your chance to discover these funny game reactions and earn souvenir collectibles. So try to discover ALL the collectible & weird games items and compare them with your friends. Knock his door and have fun with Do Not Disturb! Download the fun game and explore lots of funny pranks with Mr. Grumpy.

😡The Mr. Grumpy: an angry Virtual Pet
Is he a beaver? A dog? A cat? No, it’s a marmot! Mr. Grumpy is your neighbor, a super grumpy, grumpy animal who does not like to be disturbed. However, he is the ideal target for pranks and fun jokes. The more reactions you get from Mr. Grumpy, the more chances you have to get collectibles to enhance your arsenal of funny pranks. Knock the door & collect all the funny items in this fun game!

😂 Pranks & Jokes
If you like to play funny games, Do Not Disturb is your change to play with Mr. Grumpy to increase his anger levels. Knock on the door of his house, ring the doorbell, and knock on the windows of his neighbor's house to make him angrier in one of weird games.
The more pranks you can pull on him, the more prizes and collectibles you'll earn for your arsenal of fun pranks!

⭐ Collectible Souvenirs
Your prankster game will be well rewarded. By playing this funny game you’ll collect surprise souvenirs from Mr. Grumpy! Each tap adds a little to the Annoy-o-Meter, something unique to this mascot game. And every time you reach the top of the meter, you get a souvenir to keep forever! Can you knock the door & get all collectibles hidden in this funny game?

🕹️ Idle Clicker Game
Download Do Not Disturb! FREE* and discover fun pranks on Mr. Grumpy. The idle clicker game can be played by anyone and with quick actions for you to explore the reactions of your angrier, funnier animal neighbor. Get ready to embark on a little adventure of prank.

*Do Not Disturb! is a free offline game. However, there are additional features and items that can be purchased in the in-game store.
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