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May 05, 2023

DjVu Reader & Viewer APP

DjVu Reader & Viewer 🗂 is the fastest and most convenient reader of DjVu files and documents for electronic portable devices 📱 You can download DjVu Reader absolutely for free ❗ DjVu reader for Android is designed to read DjVu formats quickly and conveniently 👍
📑 DjVu (a format that resembles PDF in its purpose) is a popular image compression technology designed to store scanned documents that contain a large number of formulas, diagrams, drawings, and handwritten characters, making their full recognition extremely time-consuming. DjVu files 🔮 unlike PDF files, are usually large in size, which requires time to download them. The DjVu reader allows you to view DjVu files quickly without spending a long time loading images, because our DjVu Reader is a very powerful DjVu viewer 📚
Reader for DjVu is very light and simple. Just download the DjVu reader for Android and read anywhere, DjVu Reader works in offline mode 👜
If you need to read DjVu documents, the DjVu Reader & Viewer is an excellent solution to your question. All you need to do is download DjVu Reader to your device 📑 launch it, and then DjVu reader will do everything itself.
💡 The Functionality Of DjVu Reader & Viewer:
💜 search for all DjVu files in the device storage by folders that the user is allowed to access;
🟣 search for the DjVu file name of the document or book you are looking for in the catalog;
💜 read e-books, documents, journals, manuscripts, and any DjVu files at any time;
🟣 excellent support for deleting DjVu documents from the list of found DjVu files;
💜 setting up a list of directories that DjVu Reader for Android will scan on your device;
🟣 ability to share and send DjVu files to other users via email or in any messenger installed on your device;
💜 setting up horizontal and vertical scrolling for reading a DjVu document;
🟣 quick navigation through the pages of a DjVu document;
💜 display reading progress in the scroll bar at the bottom of the screen;
🟣 save the progress of reading a book, document, or magazine in DjVu format.
DjVu document compression technology has created the basis for several popular scientific libraries for storing historical documents and artifacts 📌 Therefore, our DjVu Reader for Android is a great tool for history buffs or researchers, that is, for everyone for whom not only the content of the DjVu document is important, but also the color and texture of the paper, parchment defects: cracks, traces of folding, handwritten notes and blotches 📚
We are very happy with your initiatives, please write to us about what you would like to see in our DjVu Reader & Viewer, we are always open 🙂
If you want to support our project, the app has a function of the same name, we will be grateful 🤎
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