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May 28, 2023
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DiskInfo APP

DiskInfo is a simple app to list partitions of your device. (Initial Build)
It also provides you a basic info of all the partitions like :
- Partition name (mount path)
- FileSystem Type (ext4 / f2fs / FAT32 )
Note : The app shows virtual filesystem (ex : fuse,sdcardfs,etc) instead of
actual filesystems (ex : fat32, ntfs, etc) for some partitions and there is no
way to show actual fs underneath it without root access.
- Access Type (readOnly/read-Write)
- Block Size
- Partion storage info (free,used,total space).

The App comes with 6 color themes and also supports material you dynamic theming (Only available in Android 12).
App icon also supports dynamic theming (changes color with the wallpaper only on Android 12 ).
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