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Jun 17, 2016
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DigiControl has a lot of things under the hood that require you to start/stop/restart Digi components and interact with sessions and permissions. It is a mediator between installed components, plugins, your Android device, and you.

If you don't want to submit bug reports, set the debug level to “OFF” in DigiControl preferences.

It is an alpha stage software written in Scala language. Scala on Android is a bit out of the mainstream, so take it easy. Bridge piece is on C++ BOOST.
A large part of the source code is available at GitHub as DigiLib library under an Apache 2.0 license.
FYI: There are a lot of threads and hundreds of places with a watchdog timer and thousands of places with recovery logic. Also, the user interface and background service are independent processes.

- If the application freezes: The longest watchdog timeout is about 5 minutes; the shortest watchdog timeout is 1 second. Most of them are not more than 20 seconds. Wait, and after it unfreezes, upload a report to us.
- If an application blocks something or shows something unexpected, upload a report to us, then rotate your device. After the device is rotated, there will be reinitialization.
- If something blows up, it explodes with stack traces, uh, Sssssmmmokie! Restart the application after the crash, and upload a report to us.

You may upload a report via context menu. The report dialog will appear automatically if there is a stack trace.

If you have an idea of how to improve DigiControl or wish to change something, please submit your idea via GitHub tracker. Please submit technical issues too.

There is only DigiSSHD component available at this time. DigiSSHD is an SSH server that provides secure shell, scp, and sftp.
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