Destruction simulator: dimolish sandbox, realistic demolition physics simulation

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Mar 15, 2023

Destruction simulator sandbox GAME

Simulation of demolitions
Physically realistic simulator of destruction: release your stress, just chill out and destroy contractions!

Main features:

• Slow-motion
- You have the full control over the time rate: slow it down, inrease the speed or just stop the simulation

• Gravity
- Took it all from freezing time... Well, play with low / high gravity or just turn it off like you are in space ;)

• Control of gameplay
- Disable or enable explosions visualization (if it covers debris you want to see), only smoke or even lights / flashes.
- Too many debris on the screen? Just enable limitation option so all debris over certain value will smoothly disappear
- Not enough debris? Simply increase destructibility level

• Guns
- About 13 different explosives (missiles, dynamites, bombs)
- Earthquake, tornado, singularity
- Different sized cannon balls
- Custom gun editor

• Maps
- Destroy over 30+ prebuild map from skyscrapers to ancient structures
- Map editor: Build your own map and save it to one of available slots

• Simulator
We have created this game for our personal needs - always dreamed of the game that allows you to destroy buildings, but there wasnt any, sooo... had to do one ourselves : )
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