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Jun 05, 2023
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Fast, Easy and Reliable: One-Click Shopping with DeFacto
Addressing the style of everyone who is curious about fashion, DeFacto provides more opportunities for its users with the mobile application.
It offers an unprecedented shopping experience. You too, enter the application, from all categories
Enjoy your easy shopping! From the campaign products to the leading collections, the latest from fashion t-shirt trends to holiday outfits. DeFacto present new and unique user experience waiting!
1. Cognisable and Clear Category Structure
2. Easy Switching Over Categories Improving User Experience
3. A Fast and Pleasant User Experience
4. Wide Filtering Options
5. Affordable Prices for Campaigns, Discounts and Special Occasions
6. A Complete Product Possibility in the Basket with the Add to Favorites Option
7. Fast Shopping Opportunity Without Membership Obligation
8. Use of Money Points, Discount Checks and Coupon Codes
9. Payment by Credit Card or Debit Card
10. Exclusive Customer Experience with Mobile Notifications
Join the Easy and Fast User Experience!
To reach all products that reflect your style, to follow the fashion closely and to choose the right combinations.
It takes much more than an app to do it. For a personal experience, DeFacto's
Meet with the mobile app. Numerous filter options, convenient interface and easy checkout page
makes the shopping experience easier for you. Effective category separation; women, men and children
appears on its pages. Choose your products, add to favorites and buy with one click!
Favorite Your Style!
You can favorite every product you choose, like and attribute in the application.
you can add. Every product you add to your favorites will make your shopping easier and choose the right combinations.
It will help you find it. Make sure you explore all the categories, complementary
Don't forget to add your accessories!
Travel Between Categories!
You can shop separately for women's, men's and children's sections. The custom you choose for yourself
You can add a new product to the products and present beautiful gifts to your loved ones. All
You can select the product groups you want for the categories and add them to your cart.
More Filters, More You!
Do you want to have a personalized shopping experience? This is all DeFacto has to offer.
possible with category-specific filters. Category, size, color, price and much more
You can customize the criteria for yourself. The product in your mind is waiting for you among thousands of options,
All you have to do is find it with the right filtering!
Be the First to Know About Campaigns!
Where can you follow the affordable prices offered for seasonal discounts, campaigns and special days?
are you doing? You don't need to make a serious effort to be aware of all this. DeFacto
With the application, you can see all the affordable products at once. Earlier than campaigns
You can be informed, you can take your guard against the clock by preparing your basket!
Enable App Notifications!
One of the unique ways for fast campaign tracking is with mobile notifications. If all
If you want us to notify you of our discounts, keep your notifications on! DeFacto fashion
It aims to bring together everyone who has given their heart to affordable prices.
Jump to Payment Page with Jet Speed!
This pleasant shopping journey, which starts with the entrance to the DeFacto application, is also available on the payment page.
continues. The one you chose with excitement, favourited, and finally met in your basket.
The payment step for the products is just as easy and enjoyable. Go to your cart, select your address and one click
confirm payment!
Join User Experiences!
You can get the most unexpected information about products from people who have experienced the product.
DeFacto app comment feature brings this experience directly to you. Users' products
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