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Nov 16, 2023
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“Culture, Art and Entertainment World’ is in Play Store with its renewed face!
D&R Online, which has a wide product range of over 200.000, also offers you a wide range of products in its mobile application. Also, under the ili guaranteed product,, it is here to enjoy your favorite products with D&R assurance! With the renewed design, you can easily find every product with the D&R mobile app.

With the D&R mobile app, reaching your favorite products is now much easier and much faster! The advantages of our application are not limited to this.

Barcode Reading
You can make price comparisons with the barcode reading feature that you can compare the products you want to buy instantly, you can easily reach the prices of the products you wonder with this feature.
Book Cover Reading
With book cover reading, you can learn the contents of the best-selling books that you are wondering or thinking about buying; reader reviews and information about the author.
Voice call
With the voice search feature, you can easily search for the book or author you want and quickly browse the results.
Favorite Lists
You can bookmark your favorite products and create your favorites list for later retrieval. You can also create your favorites for products, authors and publishers separately.
Price Alert
You can create a price alarm for the products you do not want to buy, you can be notified first when the price falls.
Store Search
With our mobile application you can reach more than 200 stores from the list of stores, you can create the route that will allow you to reach your chosen D&R store from the navigation.
Explore Section
You can follow the products you love and interest from our campaigns renewed every day and enjoy shopping with special discounts for our application.

Fast and Secure Shopping
You can complete your shopping by paying with our different payment methods (credit card, debit card, wire transfer / EFT, Garanti Pay).
You can follow the status of your order and get information about the status of your cargo.

Your favorite books are now in your pocket! To enjoy the privilege of ordering from anywhere you go, just select the book you want to buy and add it to the basket.

Information note for e-book purchases; Kobo's system has not yet been able to match the App, so we can't support your e-book purchases on mobile.

Our categories, from telephone to home electronics, make shopping easier with a wide range of filtering options.

Assorted, color pencils and notebooks, large bag collections, crayons, thermoses and flasks ...

Custom products, jukeboxes, trinkets and more make those who say they don't have time to look for gifts!

Toys & Hobbies
Puzzles, board games, smart toys and more are waiting for you to enjoy your free time.

Video Games & Consoles
Be the first to hear about many games launched at D & R before they go on sale! Playstation enthusiast games and the latest games consoles in our categories are also waiting to be discovered at advantageous prices.

Do not miss the opportunity to review the albums of your favorite artists. Discover the new albums first and leave yourself to the rhythm of music.

Sports & Outdoor
The best sportswear and accessories and innovative travel and outdoor products are also included in our mobile application.

Nostalgia generation, film series, Oscar-winning films and more are offered to you with the best price options for you to enjoy home cinema.

Hundreds of thousands of products are offered with advantageous deals on the campaign page with the D&R mobile app. Download D&R mobile now to enjoy the benefits of mobile special offers.
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