Play, grow & win crypto and NFT’s in this farm simulator blockchain game!

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Apr 01, 2023
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CropBytes: A Crypto Farm Game GAME

Build up your $CBX portfolio by owning assets, purchasing and selling them with other players in the game market, collecting NFTs, and earning crypto. 💵

Start out with a free trial pack to learn the gameplay. As you gain experience with a business strategy, get crypto assets and grow your crypto wallet portfolio. 🤑

Starter packs are a recommended buy for beginners. More advanced players can visit the game market to buy, sell and trade animals, and assets and produce with co-players.💹

Mine crypto assets and collect NFTs to play and earn $CBX.

CropBytes is the first simulation genre crypto game and is going strong even today despite the bear market.

Start a second life on the CropBytes metaverse now! 🚜

• Start now and get free trial assets*
• Grow a variety of crops & fruits to feed animals and sell to other players for crypto.
• Feed animals and collect produce like milk, eggs, etc that can be sold for crypto.
• Own utility assets and produce water & power
• Convert extracts to CBX Tokens
• Collect Superhero NFTs and use them to boost your farm's output
• Trade assets, animals, produce & CBX with co-players
• Customize your farm and explore other players’ farms
• Breed Superheroes to get awesome Superbabies
• Own pro assets like Feed Mill to get regular income in crypto
• Invite friends & earn rewards

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• The game is not free to play. A crypto wallet is required.
• CropBytes govern's the use of this application
• Terms of Service:
• Read our privacy policy:*
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