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Mar 13, 2023

Copa América Calculator GAME

In this app you can simulate 2024 Copa América. The 2024 tournament will feature 10 South American nations and 6 North American nations. Since the North American play-offs have not been played yet, you can create the tournament by choosing the 6 countries you want. You can also play the 2021, 2016, 2015, 2011 and 2007 tournaments if you want.

If you want, you can create the groups yourself and play the tournament that you created completely yourself. You can determine in which country and year this tournament will be played.

You can simulate the group stage of the app in 2 ways: first by lining up the teams and going through the qualifying rounds without predicting the matches, and secondly by predicting each group match. You can predict all 32 matches this way.

You can play the game in Portuguese, Spanish, English and Turkish languages.
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