Tap the enemy, continue to explore the cave, it is a handy game.

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Mar 13, 2023
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Clicker Cave RPG Dash GAME

This time, I go deep into the cave.
Go forward and go back, sometimes with dead ends, branches and doors, defeat the enemies, raise the level, defeat the boss and move forward.

Just battle with enemies by tapping enemies.
Easy to play by anyone, with a feeling like clicker system + Hakusura system, which was not likely to be possible.

Items to be acquired from the treasure box are effective only by having it, and you can check the effect from the ITEM menu.

How To Play

- Start from the entrance of the cave. Tap around the center of the screen to move forward, tap toward you to lower back.

- Tap the enemy to raise the level while defeating it, and proceed to win the strong enemy in the back.

- When you kill an enemy you sometimes drop the treasure box, so let's open it by tapping it.

- Increase in level steadily. Level up one in one minute. Gradually the level up speed also rises. It gets stronger!

- Proceed well with recovery magic, attack magic, warp magic, summoning magic, escape magic skillfully.

- Reincarnation can be done from menu 'OTHER' when level 100 or more is reached. You can get the crystal according to the level while keeping the item as it is.

- Crystal will increase the basic ability by 10% for each one, but it can also be used for purchasing SKILL.

- You can not defeat a boss unless you have a specific item.

There are a few puzzlement factors to search for items.

- Even if it gets destroyed, it is safe because it only returns the basic 100 steps without changing the items and status acquired.

About parameters

Is the level. It goes up when the various parameters will increase little by little.

It is physical fitness. 0 happens when the game is over.

An attack force. It increases the damage to the increase When the enemy.

It is a defense force. It reduces the damage from the increase When the enemy.

It is agility. You can attack faster than the enemy and increase.

It is luck. It makes it easier to critical hit and more.

It is experience. Decremented and defeat the enemy, and level up when it comes to 0.
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