More than 8 hours of piano music to relax and sleep. 12 relaxing melodies

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Mar 05, 2016

Classical piano relaxing music APP

Classical piano is very special, that's why we offer you 12 sessions of piano music to sleep. It includes more than 8 hours of relaxing melodies without repetition so you can enjoy the most important instrument in classical music.

It is scientifically proven that piano music to relax is effective and also very beautiful. Why waste your time creating a multi-sound mix when you can press a button and enjoy the power of classical music? Classical piano is the best! 😍

Create a perfect atmosphere with piano music to relax and reach new levels of relaxation. Close your eyes and let yourself be seduced by the app's relaxing melodies. Improve your health thanks to classical piano.


🎹 12 relaxing melodies without repetition
🎹 More than 8 hours of piano music to relax
🎹 You can listen to classical music in the background
🎹 Timer: piano music to sleep will stop automatically whenever you want
🎹 Works with and without internet

Start using piano music to sleep and enjoy the most effective instrument of all. Concentrate and feel the relaxing melodies, every note, every key… it's just amazing.
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