This app is automatic chord detector (chord finder) useing the device microphone

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Sep 02, 2016

Chord Detector ZAX APP

This app is automatic chord detector (chord finder) that uses the internal device microphone
It also has some unique features as showing the music spectrum so you can actually see the notes in it.
So ZAX can be used not only as a chord detector but also to show any instrument timbre. It shows all notes that are available as a frequencies in the sound. Basic tempo detection ( BPM detector) is also added to help you find the BPM for your song.

This particular version is still alpha and is equipped only with major and minor chords!
This is a free version that is fully functional.
The ZAX chord detector was not adjusted to find the chords for some specific instrument but is suitable for anything that makes sound :)
I am still working hard on this app but I think that it can already be very useful.

ZAX Chord Detector features:

1. Chord guess (major minor only)
2. Music spectrum with notes
3. Pitch shift
4. Strongest note
5. Bass note
6. All notes detected in spectrum.

Works in the 70 - 450 Hz range. ZAX chord detector has the same simple user interface as my fine chromatic tuner app. It features not only chord detection but also spectrum analyzer. As polyphonic music analyzer ZAX Chord Detector can be used to help as music recogniser.
It can help you to find chords of any song and to see why one instrument is sounding better than other.
In terms of audio frequency analyzer it can show you the under and over tones. So you can see all the notes in spectral audio analyzer view.
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