Discover the Chessthetic app and elevate your chess game to the next level!

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Nov 16, 2023

Chessthetic - Chess Tactics GAME

Improve Your Chess Skills with Chessthetic!

Discover the Chessthetic mobile app and elevate your chess game to the next level! With over 4,500 puzzles at your fingertips, learning chess tactics has never been easier.

Dive into the world of chess with the features offered by Chessthetic:
• Enrich your gameplay by practicing tactics across 24 different themes.
• Strengthen your game openings with tactics categorized into 25 different openings.
• Use the Focus feature to zoom in on crucial spots on the board and uncover ways to checkmate your opponent.
• Find and solve puzzles suited to your level with smart filtering.
• Create a personalized study regime by selecting multiple themes and openings at once.
• Test your play with either white or black pieces using the color selection feature.
• Pin your favorite openings and themes for easy access.
• Challenge your speed with the Zeitnot Exercise and maintain your composure under time pressure.
• Enhance your quick thinking and accurate move-making with the Puzzle Test.
• Track your progress by monitoring your Rating (ELO) score.

Master chess with Chessthetic by your side. Download now to sharpen your strategic thinking and tactical vision!
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