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May 16, 2023
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CASSEMS Beneficiário APP

The Beneficiary Cassems application is constantly evolving, in this new version you will have total control of your information and your dependents, reinforcing our commitment to transparency.
In addition, you will have facilities so that you can better enjoy the benefits of your plan. It is possible to schedule your Face-to-Face Consultation, as well as Exams in the Preferential Network (not yet available for all of Brazil).
You will also be able to consult your open payment slips, request and track refunds and the CASSEMS call center phones.

Among the functionalities, you can access the virtual identification card of your plan and your dependents, very useful in situations in which you need to use the plan.

Here are the features in this new version:

Consultation of Providers
Generation Boletos
Virtual Card
Income Statement
Registration update
Address update
Consultation of Dependent data

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If you encounter difficulties when using the application, feel free to contact us at

The reviews are very good for getting feedback, but by contacting our support sector, we will be more effective in serving you.
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