Realistic Car crash and truck smash in USA

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Mar 13, 2023

Car Crash Simulator USA GAME

Hittite Games, creator of Car Crash and Real Drive mobile car driving and realistic car crash game series, proudly presents its new game, Car Crash Simulator USA. In Car Crash Simulator USA, you will smash 50 different vehicles, american classic cars, sports cars and trucks by crashing in traffic. You can go to 3 different big regions with your car at midnight. you can have a pleasant time in the city, in a rural town or in an industrial area by getting into a car accident. Car engine sounds, customized according to the types of cars in the game, add a different driving pleasure to the game. If you want to live the american dream and drive freely in united states cities and crash cars and trucks with realistic damage, download Car Crash Simulator USA now.
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