Make a bridge out of your car in this Car Climber: Draw Bridge 3D game

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Oct 05, 2023
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Car Climber: Draw Bridge 3D GAME

Do you enjoy a puzzle game that only lets you draw 1 line to solve the challenges? What if instead of drawing a bridge, you MAKE A BRIDGE OUT OF YOUR CAR?

Sounds interesting? If you're bored and tired of playing traditional draw-line games, let's try a whole new concept of draw-to-bridge, where you draw a line to stretch your car and become a bridge. Try our new game: Car Climber: Draw Bridge 3D

Everyone can draw a normal and boring bridge. But do you have what it takes to make your car a bridge and help it reach the other side?

Let your creativity fly and draw a unique & special bridge that no one has done and wow the world with your creativity & madness.

Train your brain through 150+ puzzles and levels that we make for you. Each challenge will force you to use your brain to the fullest, and improve both logical IQ and creativity.
Draw & Build up a famous bridge that you love!
Let's dive into the game and build the craziest bridge ever

- Touch the screen to start drawing in the drawing panel.
- Hold and drag across to make the shapes you want.
- Once you finish, release your finger
- The car will stretch and follow the line you drew.
- Wait for the result: if the car reaches the other side, you win the level!

Very simple gameplay yet is very hard to master.

- Don't be afraid to trial and error: you can always redo
- New and improved mechanics.
- Exciting levels.
- Relaxing music.
- No limit on playtime.

Start solving your favorite puzzle and play Car Climber: Draw Bridge 3D now!
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