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May 27, 2016
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CallsApp - International Calls APP

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★ Cheap & Free International Calls is what CallsApp is about - CHEAP International Calls by CallsApp lets you make super cheap international calls to any phone in the world & Free calls to other CallsApp users!

■ 100% Free VIDEO-CALLS
■ Extremely low cost call rates to international phones who still doesn’t have CallsApp
■ Cheap international SMS!

★★ Fully new developed app in 2013. CallsApp is Better & Cheaper than many call apps available.

★★ Communicate with everyone and Spend Less! CallsApp is the complete communications app.

New technology has made it easy to stay connected with your loved ones. Now CallsApp makes it even easier and cheaper, in less than 1 minute you can be enjoying fantastic low rates to International landlines and mobiles, free CallsApp to CallsApp calls and many other free awesome features.

Why CallsApp is so special?

✔ High voice quality
CallsApp uses only direct international connections with crystal clear quality to make you feel closer and enjoy better audio quality. CallsApp works well in Wifi, 3G and 4G.

✔ Cheap International Calls & SMS rates
Save up to 90% on your international calls and texts. Cheap Calls to over 200 countries.

✔ FREE bonus features
Free Calls, Free Video-Calls, Free messages, Free File Sharing, Free group chat or group call between CallsApp to CallsApp users.

✔ Very easy to use
Get started in less than 1 minute, No registration or invitations required, no changing mobile network or number. It’s as easy as download the free App, top-up a small amount and start saving with your calls.

✔ No hidden charges, No connection fees, No PIN numbers, No changing SIMs, No hassle
Only tiny rates for cheaper International Calls & SMS.

Really easy to start saving money with CallsApp
① Select the number you want to call from the agenda or dial in the Keypad.
② Push Call button
③ Enjoy high quality international calls at very low rates

* Extra benefits:
Voicemail, Voicemail to e-mail, avoid roaming charges, integrated contact list, no set up fees or connection charges makes CallsApp cheaper than local networks in many destinations, cheaper than Skype, More complete than Viber, 1 minute call rounding, No matter where you are in the world CallsApp works well worldwide (except in countries where VOIP is restricted, in that case check with our support),

** List of popular countries where you can make cheap international calls:
Cheap calls to Bangladesh, cheap calls to China, cheap calls to Egypt, cheap calls to India, cheap calls to Iran, cheap calls to Nigeria, cheap calls to Pakistan, cheap calls to Poland, cheap calls to Romania, cheap calls to Russia, cheap calls to Spain and cheap calls to USA.

*** Please Note:
① CallsApp is not a full replacement for your telephone and can't be used for emergency calling.
② CallsApp uses data connection, operator charges may apply.

■ Need Help? Contact CallsApp Support center at http://support.callsapp.com/support-center/ for immediate customer service support.

★ Cheap International Calls anywhere in the world from your Android now is easy with CallsApp! Start saving with your international calls now, download the free app.

More info: http://www.callsapp.com
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