IMPORTANT! Please do not update to 4

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Jun 18, 2016

Call Guard(call blocker & sms) APP

IMPORTANT! Please do not update to 4.4 Kitkat if possible as you will loose SMS Blocking, we are working on a messaging app.

With our app you can block incoming Calls/SMS or MMS or outgoing calls (outgoing SMS can not be blocked on Android).

Now with Full Pick up/Hang up (no voicemail,no notifications).

As seen on Android App reviews:

This is the free ads-supported 7 day TRIAL version of the best call blocker app on the market, the update is a minimal one time only payment!

For all the info and features of this app have a look at Call Guard under "more by developer" or via the buy button inside this app.

IMPORTANT, before contacting us:
- Make sure you have read the Manual.
- If you still have questions, use the form inside the app, include your device information (click yes) and add a screenshot of the filters/settings page or a detailed explanation of the set up andthe problem.
Emails in the form: "It's not working" will be ignored,sorry

Please note some of the limitations of this FREE app before sending us your questions or leaving a comment on the market:
- This is a 7 day trial version, after the 7 days you will have to decide if you wish to purchase the pro version or uninstall.

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