BuuF GuuF - Extras. Icon pack for ADW, ADW EX, and Go Launcher EX.

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Jul 29, 2016

BuuF GuuF - Sentient 4 ADW Go APP

***This is not a Full Theme***
**It is only an Icon Pack for ADW.Launcher, ADWLauncher EX and Go Launcher EX!!!**

The long wait is over! Support for Go Launcher EX, Enjoy!

The app has now been split up. There are more than 1,200 icons spread over 4 apps: BuuF GuuF - Files, BuuF GuuF - Folders, BuuF GuuF - Stuff, and this base app BuuF GuuF - Sentient.

BuuF GuuF - Sentient contains robots, humanoids, fauna.
If you are a True BUUF Fan, check out the other GuuFs!!

If you have a tablet or other xlargeScreen, all you need is BuuF GuuF - Extras (HD) as it contains everything and always will as long as we don't run into any device, OS, or software issues.

Please Rate/Comment or re-Rate/re-Comment. Thanks.

Requests Welcomed,
Visit Website!

Please consider Voting for your favorite launcher and offer any other feedback. Check out the survey now included in the app.
*** Live and ongoing results can be seen at http://fractalsystems.org/liveresults ***

***A Full BuuF Theme for ADW and Go will soon be released under the name BuuF GuuF - Theme and BuuF GuuF - Theme (HD)***

Note: This Pack WILL soon be capable of setting the pics for your contacts :-)

Enjoy! Thanks!
Original Artwork:
Paul Davey aka Mattahan
on DeviantArt.com (all rights reserved - Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 2.5 License)

Please Consider Donating - Visit HomePage for Paypal Links for AnderWeb (ADW), Paul Davey (Artist), and Fractal Systems (Developer). Thanks!
ADWTheme ADW.Launcher ADWLauncher EX GoLauncher EX Theme Go Launcher Home Launcher Theme Home Replacement adw and go launcher ex theme
Been described as: A Dark Cartoon, Steampunk, Arty, Cartoonish, The Best Icon Set Ever!
Version - December 8, 2011
- ANNOUNCEMENT: Full Theme Released! Search 'BuuF GuuF' or browse other apps
- Added a few missing Sentients and Faunas

Version 2.8.1 - 2.8.2 - November 27, 2011
- Sorry for all the updates
- Fixed Force Closes specific to Market Installs

Version 2.8 - November 26, 2011
- Released a separate HD Version BuuF GuuF - Extras (HD) for Tablets, TVs and similar xlargeScreens
- Released separate apps for different Themes: Folders, Files, Emoticons, etc.
- Complete rewrite of the icon pack (organization)
- Went from 400+ icons to over 1,200! spread over the new apps (the HD contains all 1,200+)
- New Name for this base package: BuuF GuuF - Sentient
- Added Hardware Acceleration
- Added support for nontouchscreen devices (TV and Similar)
- Ran all images through lossless compression to reduce size

Version 2.7
- Included all of mattahan's semi-recent release SuperBuuf
- Added a Google Form for Voting for your favorite Launcher and guage app size concerns.
- Added Flurry SDK - To help me offer a better experience; translations, support more devices, and general feedback.
- Added AdMob SDK - this is only shown in the Activity and does not effect people who only use this for icons.
- New Website under development.

- Included all of mattahan's new release UltraBuuf
- New Name: BuuF GuuF - Extras
- Added Go Launcher EX Support
- Added preliminary Launcher Pro Support
- Now it OPENS! (to help users)
- Added a HowTo Activity
- Added an Information Activity
- Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich Ready
- Added some XLarge Screen Support

- Initial Market Release
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