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Mar 13, 2023
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Brass Electro app; the online platform for you to easily and quickly share new knowledge, ideas and successes with your colleagues. Thanks to useful features such as a timeline, event calendar, groups and special community promotions, you are informed in real time about everything that happens at your employer. Thanks to push notifications you are reminded of reactions from your colleagues, but also of tasks that you have to do. This includes preparing for your performance review or following up on agreements made for your development plan. All aspects of an innovative progress interview are discussed; your competences, ambitions, education and objectives. Working on your personal goals is easily integrated into your daily work. All new colleagues receive a digital onboarding program via the app, and departing employees receive an exit analysis. And a fun knowledge quiz or product training comes along regularly.

The Bras Elektro app is guaranteed to be the most important internal communication and HR tool in your organization in no time.
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