The Android Bluetooth Baby Monitor. Simple to use and reliable on the go.

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Jun 22, 2016

Bluetooth Baby Monitor APP

This is an easy to use Bluetooth Baby Monitor.

It enables you to monitor your Baby's room using your mobile phone. Download the Bluetooth Baby Monitor on two Android phones and place one in your Baby's room and the other one in your bedroom.


» No Network Connection needed
» No SIM needed (less power required, no additional costs)
» No WLAN needed for transmission (less power required)
» Voice activation
» Two initial Layout Themes
» Use anytime, anywhere
» See the battery level of the phone in the Baby's room


Download the app to have the Nap-Version running 30 minutes. You can upgrade to the unrestricted version inside the application.

The range of Bluetooth varies based on your environment and your device. Therefore, the app also displays the connection quality.

Features planed for the next version:

» Push to listen.
» Option: Alarm when Battery is low

Features planed for the future:

» Wifi/WLAN Support
» Record & Push to play lullaby

Exclusive For Android!

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