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May 31, 2023


From Kishida Mel x KOEI techmo games xDMM GAMES,
"BLUE REFLECTION SUN" in the latest version of the "BLUE REFLECTION" series
A heroic RPG where the wishes and wishes of a girl who fights with the power gained by the ashes are crossed, in order to fight the "fall of the ashes"!

◆ Story
We started this one and a half years ago.
That day, the ashes suddenly started descending to the world.
At first, humanity looked about this as one of "a natural creepy but one of a natural event".

However, you soon know that'ash' is a hazardous substance that infects the human body.
This is also because the strange creature "Testa" is born and attacks.

It took a special power to beat The Ashes.
Its power appeared very rarely by being invaded by the ashes.

Those who knew the ones who knew it had called these.

One day.
Kasuga Chih will be reschooled to Hinotou Gaku School, to seek revenge from ashes.
What was waiting there was an "endless life" where endless battles against the "Ashes" were held.

Created by girls and teens, idols imagined by illustrator "Kishida Mel" and the critically acclaimed "Ateor Weapon Games" from KOEI techmo games Gust Brand!

• Story-Expressive story part
The hero (player) who has come to the city of Izumo-ashes.
Rebuild the "weakest" unit, face the girls in the ashes battle.

• Battle-beautiful 3D graphic battles
Lead your troops to victory with skill or attribute attack strategy.
Realistic and deep "Turn based commando battles" achieved.

-Character and flag cards-two girls-body and Cocoro
"Characters" show various expressions and "Flag Cards" show memory.
"The strength of the girls", which are represented by these two axes.
In addition to this, it contains weapons reinforcement elements.

-Interacting-a new experience of Bulliff brought to you by “San”
Interact with the girls as your main character (player), and strengthen "The Heart".
A special scenario where intimacy is unlocked by intimacy with the girls through interaction.
Over time, "Kizna" will become stronger.

◆ Characters
Poem Sail (CV: Eriri Takeshi)
Arushia Moriaki
Miki Tsubasa (CV: Sunflower)
Yukiko Takaoka (CV: Iori Sabe)
Aimei Ikoku
Kanna Hoiya (CV: Nene Shida)
N populate
Kira Kuno (CV: Yukiko Ohno)

◆ Staff


Kishida Mel


KOEI Tekmo Games Gust Brand

◆ Environment
-Android OS 4.0 or higher
-CPU Snapdragon eep ghool
RAM 4GB or higher

※ Even if you use a device that meets the operating environment, it may not function properly depending on the device performance and specifications, and the usage status of the device.
※ Please note that we will not be able to provide support or compensation if used in other environments.
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