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May 01, 2021
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Holy Bible completely Offiline João Ferreira de Almeida Magazine.
It is not enough just to be a Christian, it is necessary to have a good application of the Holy Bible of João Ferreira de Almeida (JFA) installed on your cell phone! See and hear the word of the greatest and best man who came to pass through the Earth and know how to interpret it, taking it beyond the eyes and reaching the heart. This beautiful app brings in a natural way the text just like what is in the Bible. Whoever believes in the living God, who has the hand of truth, of course he is happy! Being able to naturally dream big with better days and nights! At any time, you can read the bible, be it day, afternoon or night. Now you will always have it in your hand, spending the most enjoyable hours of your life reading the words of love of the son of the great father, whether at home, on the street or at work! New Testament is the door to the books and letters written by the apostles of Jesus Christ, a person of good spirit, son of the Lord, whose mother is named Mary, a simple, joyful and sweet woman, whose husband, Joseph. Old (Old) Testament, a little longer, but no less beautiful, it is time to read the rich sacred texts, being able to go from creation to apocalypse without leaving your home. Any user has the power to share the verses with the friend, the girlfriend in a delicious way without the danger of viruses. Even when you are talking or eating, you can listen to the audios, in MP3 format, with the same ease as listening to music.
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