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Nov 30, 2023

Bible Greek/Hebrew Words Quiz GAME

🎉Welcome to “Bible Greek/Hebrew Words Quiz”, an exciting and enlightening Quiz game that tests your knowledge about the ancient Biblical languages! Dive deep into the sacred texts of the Bible by playing this trivia game and guessing words in Greek, Hebrew and Aramaic to English .⛪📖

Power, ability- in the greek is "dunamis or dynamite"
Drugs in the greek fármaka (where we get the word Pharmacy)
Devil inthe greek - diabolos
gift of favor in the greek - charisma
let it be so in the greek Amen

The “Bible Greek/Hebrew Words Quiz” is not just a classic quiz, it's a complete package of excitement and learning!

In this trivia game, not only do you get to learn more about the Bible but more fascinating activities await you. That’s not all. With our additional level packs 📦, you can delve into different Biblical topics that will further enrich your Biblical knowledge.

Experience the fun of guessing 🔍 and quench your thirst for Biblical trivia in this interactive game. With every correct guess in our quiz, you take one step forward towards becoming a Bible expert.

Download the “Bible Greek/Hebrew Words Quiz” for FREE💸 and challenge yourself with intriguing questions about the Holy book. The game is specially designed to offer an immersive learning experience for all age groups. It's your chance to expand your knowledge and explore the holy words of the Bible from Greek and Hebrew origins.

So, are you ready to play guess the Bible language, take on interesting missions, participate in unique events, and climb up the leaderboard?📈 Prepare yourself for the thrilling journey of Bible Greek/Hebrew Words Quiz. It's more than just a trivia game; it's your gateway to the ancient Biblical languages 🌟

Disclaimer: This Bible trivia quiz is created to provide an entertaining way to learn about the Bible, not for the theological interpretation of Bible texts. The game strictly focuses on the language used in the Bible (Greek and Hebrew). For the theological understanding of the Bible, we recommend consulting a theologian, a Bible study group, or any reliable source.
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