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Aug 07, 2017
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Beat Maker:DJ Drum Pad APP

Long-awaited homemade music software came out - Drum Pad! It is designed for music lovers and creative users!
Drum Pad is a fantastic electric rhythm synthesizer that can make and mix electronic music on your iPhone or iPad just by beating the music pads. It could balance your beats,makes perfect song. There are also recording functions oh!

**Special feature**
- provides a rich melody sample that fills the application with playability;
- each pad is a different tone, cooperate with the sample melody innovation music;
- Real-time mix of many tones and melodies, adding whatever you like
- high quality music effects, making high quality music;

1. Listen to the melody of each pad
2. Try clicking on two or three pads at the same time, focusing on the melody
3. Master rhythmic and beat pad followed by sense of rhythm
Rhythm is an important factor in playing this product, remember to follow rhythm with the swing~
The longer the time, the more you can experience the creativity and playability of this product. Don’t miss it as long as you love music, rock and roll companion.
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