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Sep 14, 2023

Banesco Móvil APP

We improve BanescoMóvil! Now you can make your usual Mobile Payment with change in your Green Account easily and quickly. When making your Mobile Payment you can select between your Account in Bs or your Green Account, and by selecting your Green Account, through the Retail mechanism, the beneficiary will receive the payment in Bs.

With BanescoMóvil you can:

- Interact with the virtual assistant DANI, who will be able to answer your questions and concerns 24 hours a day, and will also offer you information or suggestions about products and services.
- As appropriate, you can enter with your main BanescOnline user or your BanescOnline Empresa master user.
- Include Beneficiaries in your Directory when making a transaction. (For master users of BanescOnline Empresa, it only applies to Foreign Currency Operations).
- Check the balance of your products in national or foreign currency.
- Make Transfers immediately to third parties in Banesco and other banks.****
- Make payments for services: CORPOELEC, CANTV, Movistar, Movilnet, Digitel, Simpletv and Inter.
- Send payments from the PagoMóvil option, charged to your Account in Bs or to your Cuenta Verde.**
- Access the My Qr option, to receive payments.
- Include Beneficiaries in the directory of Frequent Payments for Mobile Payment.***
- Check the receipt of your operations both Mobile Banking and Mobile Payment (per day or per month)
- View, share and download receipts when making a transaction.
- View and export the latest movements and monthly transactions.
- Carry out Quick Operations (Balance Inquiry and Payment Sending -Mobile Payment-).
** Mobile Payment is a service available only for BanescOnline users.
*** The Beneficiary of the PagoMóvil transaction must be affiliated with the service.
**** You can also select the transfer method: through the account or telephone number.


To use the application you must be affiliated with BanescOnline or BanescOnline Empresa, as appropriate.
To make use of the Mobile Payment options, you must join the service from BanescOnline through the "Mobile Payment > Affiliation" option.
Own devices with the following characteristics: Android version 6.0 or higher
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