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Mar 15, 2023
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Baby Yummy Burger Game GAME

The Most Popular Fast-Food in This Game!
Baby Yummy Burger Game is a leisure and educational interactive product with unique gameplay, easy-to-use and cute style. You will play the role of a knowledgeable and experienced chef, presenting delicious dishes to customers one after another, ranging from desserts of mango parfait to staples of American burgers, schnitzels, and ceviche. Let's find and cook all kinds of delicious dishes together!

Stack burgers, schnitzels, and make ice cream juice!
Want to be the owner of a fast food restaurant? Become a great chef, cook delicious food, entertain diners, and start cooking delicious food!

Take orders, cook, and serve delicious food to cute friends!
The guests are here, please sit down, what kind of food do you want to eat? If you receive good reviews from customers, you can unlock the new dessert cart!

【Delicious Burgers】
Cut tomatoes, fried meat steaks, and delicious ingredients.
The guest ordered a delicious burger. Come and make burgers, the delicious steaks are ready to be fried!
Put the hamburger embryos layer by layer, the delicious hamburger is complete!

【Specialty Steaks】
Knocked eggs, schnitzel, and guests are all drooling.
Today’s recommendation is schnitzel. Knock, the thick steak becomes a thin steak, then it is coated with beautiful flour and egg liquid, and the greedy fried meat is discharged out of the pan!

【Colorful ice cream juice】
Frozen drinks, make shaved ice, and eat them all at once!
Don't miss the signature mango ice cream juice. Hand-made delicious mango balls, add soda water, sweet cream, mango ice cream drink is ready for you!

The delicious dishes are finished, don't forget to put them on the plate! Beautiful ceramic bowl, cute little spoon, decorated with small biscuits, beautifully arranged!
Serving! The diners are so happy to eat. With so many delicacies, which one is the diners’ favorite?
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