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Apr 09, 2015
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B-Secure Tracker APP

We are pleased to announce that we have upgraded the B-Secure Tracker service to provide completely stealth notifications. AirMail support will no longer be required for your B-Secure Tracker to work.

With this app, you can try to nab the thief who ran off with your precious smartphone or tablet. You can log into a web portal and get a location of your phone on Google Maps. You can even remotely trigger the phone to take photos and record voices. The phone then sends the photos and voice files to your pre-defined e-mail address.

Recommended as a "Must Have" by Straits Times Digital Life (15/06/11)

News! This popular app is finally made available for all phones and tablets! B-Secure Tracker was bundled together with any purchase of the Samsung Galaxy Tab (Asia).

B-Secure Tracker is a tracking system utilizing a mobile application supported by a web portal for real-time tracking and locating of mobile devices.

The web portal allows the user to monitor the location of the device while the mobile application pinpoints the geographical location of the device and updates the coordinates to the server.

- Locate Device Stealthily
Send push notification to trigger locate function. Location can then be viewed from the web portal.

- Data Wipeout
In the unfortunate situation where the device is irretrievable, this will wipe contacts, SMSes, photos, videos and all other files on device.

- Remote Alarm
Alert anyone that may be nearby with a loud and embarrassing alarm.

- Screen Lock
Remotely lock screen every 2 seconds.

- Social Media
Share location with friends on Facebook and Twitter.

- Audio Recording
Audio of up to 10 seconds can be recorded and remotely send to predefined email address.

- Geofence
Sets a boundary within an area that will activate an alert to owner when device leaves the boundary.

- Remote Photo Taking
Take photos of the unauthorized users and send stealthily to predefined email address.
*Front camera photo taking capability is only for Samsung Galaxy Tab

- Video Recording
Record a video and remotely send to predefined email address.

Compatible with Android OS 2.1 & above.

For more mobile security app to better protect your device, search 'B-Secure Vault', a free app to store confidential data using AES-256 Protection!

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