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Jul 05, 2023
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AyoDance Mobile GAME

Come on, Play the newest and best Dancing Mobile Game in Indonesia, AyoDance Mobile! Dance as you like, find your true love and acquaintance with new friends from all over Indonesia!
AyoDance Mobile, all about Dance, Love and Friendship ♥

• Character graphics, avatars, animations and stunning environments
We promise to provide the best graphics for you to enjoy all the features on AyoDance Mobile while knitting beautiful memories

• Thousands of avatar choices to make you the center of attention!
AyoDance Mobile has thousands of avatars and a selection of items that you can choose. Be the center of attention!

• Meet and acquaint with new friends
Don't forget to get new friends on AyoDance Mobile. You can also invite your friends to join in playing AyoDance Mobile

• This is a journey to find your true love
This can be your chance to find your true love. Play Couple Mode, Club Dance or even the ever-awaited Wedding Mode (if you have found your true love) and experience an unforgettable love experience on AyoDance Mobile. True love is waiting for you here ...

• Enjoy various features of AyoDance Mobile
Start with small steps in Story Mode and continue your journey on AyoDance Mobile with various varied game modes such as Dance Battle, Bubble Pang, Team Battle or FAM Battle.

• Be the best dancer in Indonesia
Fight to become the number 1 Dancer on AyoDance Mobile and show it to your friends

Minimum device specifications:
• RAM: 1 GB
• Installation file size: 500MB
• Internal storage available: 2 GB
• Processor: Quad Core
• OS: Kitkat 4.0

Recommended device specifications:
• RAM: 2 GB
• Installation file size: 500MB
• Internal storage available: 2.5 GB
• Processor: Quad Core
• OS: Kitkat 4.0

Note: After downloading the app, there will be an estimated patch file of 400MB

This App requires access to:
Used to get your Google Account login access token.

Used in the game.
• READ_PHONE_STATE (getLine1Number)
Used to get an error log.

Used for downloading and modifying bundles.

Used for downloading and modifying bundles.


Used for setting profile photo features
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