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Nov 12, 2018

AUTO Diagnostic,Car diagnostic,Car Problams,OBD APP

This app AUTO Diagnostic,Car diagnostic,Car Problams,OBD tells you about all the possible problems that could ever occur in a car providing you with correct and adequate information to handle the problem.AUTO Diagnostic,Car diagnostic,Car Problams,OBD, With this app you are able to eliminate guess work and reduce cost incurred by incorrect diagnosis and focus on the exact problem at the time. Whether you are handling the the problem yourself or getting help you have the right information at your disposal. This app contains information for all vehicle types. With the various categories and sub categories you are to find the preferred solution. This is a must have app for all experts and professional automobile mechanics there giving you an edge in the area of expertise.For all car owners and users you are no longer in the dark concerning the maintenance of whatever vehicle you make use with this app AUTO Diagnostic,Car diagnostic,Car Problams,OBD

Our application requires an ELM327 compatible OBD2 Bluetooth or WiFi interface or a klavkarr suitcase like the ones we offer:


"Visualization of the motor and transmission fault codes (also called DTC) and display of their meaning in French (more than 11 000 definitions available)

"Clearing fault codes

"Clearing the engine light on the dashboard

"Display OBD2 manufacturer specific error codes for the following brands: Renault, Peugeot, Citroen, Opel, BMW, Ford, Audi, Volkswagen, Skoda, Fiat, Alfa Romeo, Mercedes etc ...

"Real-time display of vehicle sensors and possible recording in a file Depending on the configuration of your vehicle you will see: vehicle speed, engine speed, engine temperature, ignition timing, engine torque ( engine torque), the amount of air admitted, etc.

"Create recordings of your trips on your SD Card and reread them with our EOBD-Easy PC software

-AUTO Diagnostic,Android Auto,OBD2,Elm327,Diagnostc :
A. Auto Clinic [free] Android Auto,Check Engine Light.
B. Auto Suite Cloud [more auxiliary functions]
C. XXXX More [XXXX = Ford / Opel / Audi / Toyota ...] [more professional]

Characteristics: Android Auto,Check Engine Light.
[1 Bluetooth OBD]
1.1 Auto Clinic [ABC]: real-time access to computer data and automotive information fault codes, various interfaces graphically display specific information text information.
1.2 Auto Alarm [ABC]: Setting the alarm control to the alarm threshold, generating an alarm or warning notification includes: Alarm alarm alarm over speed / temperature / fatigue.
1.3 DTC [ABC]: See / clear vehicle fault codes.
1.4 Theft Auto [ABC]: To prevent the vehicle without the owner's permission, unauthorized use by the user can manually set / cancel this function, you can also send an SMS settings / cancel this function.
1.5 Automatic Connection [BC]: Vehicle instructions in real time and record alarm information can export information into a csv file.
1.6 Auto Race [BC]: from 0 to 100 kmh dynamic efficiency ratios of 100 to 0 braking performance ratio.Android Auto,Check Engine Light
1.7 car traffic [ABC]: Real-time traffic information will be sent to the traffic or radio traffic areas.
1.8 Auto Resue [ABC]: send SMS or call GPS location information and vehicles fault codes information information notification rescue units.
1.9 Auto Health [ABC]
1.10 Track Map [ABC]
[2 camera]
2.11 Driving camera [ABC]: the route of vehicle monitoring, except video data.Android Auto,Check Engine Light .
2.12 driving fatigue [ABC]: real-time monitoring of the face of the driver's eyes to ensure road safety.
2.13 Rear end [ABC]
2.14 License Plate Recognition [ABC]
[3 phone]
3.15 Ban call [ABC]: to ensure traffic safety, conduct the process of rejecting all calls, SMS response visit Tel.
[4 Other functions]
4.16 Auto Cost [ABC]: manual entry of various car charges, There are long import / export costs saved csv file.
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