Atomic Green CM11 Addons for the CM11 Themes

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Jul 28, 2016

Atomic Green Plus CM11 Addons APP

- You need a rooted phone with the newest CM11 Nightly or at least the M7 Build to use this pack!


Atomic Green + is the first set of additions for the new CM11 Theme Chooser,
specifically created to be used with the Atomic Green Theme,
with new wallpapers for the lockscreen and the desktop,
the exclusive Atomic Green minimal Bootanimation and new Fonts to customize
your device to the next level!

Note: This pack does not include the Atomic Green theme,
but it can be used in conjunction with it.

1. Simply, go to Settings>Themes and apply your theme (Style).
2. Now from Theme Packs, choose Atomic Green +, choose what you want to use and Update it!

Don't review or give bad ratings if you don't know how to use it or don't know how to root your phone,
I will not reply to them because they are not review of the product.
Instead, do a search with Google to unlock the potential of your device.

I'm sorry, but with over 4000 supported devices,
so I can't help you root your device or install a custom rom.

If you have any problem with the graphics of the theme, send a mail,
or follow this page for news on the updates:
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