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Jun 18, 2023
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Assistant – testing and exams APP

Assistant - great way to create your own test, prepare for exams, test your knowledge and improve your memory.
Well suited for employee testing, advanced training, for assessing candidates before hiring, for school and student tests.

The program is a mobile replacement for the outdated desktop application 🖥️ Assist, designed for training tests in qst and qsz ​​formats, which are actively used in training in higher educational institutions of the CIS
You can also write your own tests with one or parts of the answers.
The created tests, as well as the opposite, can be sent as a qst or qsz file through any messenger, social or mail application.

💪 Key Features
- Reading both qst and qsz ​​formats
- Compilation of new and editing tests
- Adding files by link from the Internet
- Ability to share the test in other applications
- View test content with all answer options
- View test content only with correct answers
- Practice test or exam
- Ability to solve all questions or a few random ones
- View the number of correctly answered questions from the total
- Time limit for solving the test

📝 Writing tests
- The question can have one (radio) or several (checkbox) correct answers
- There may be questions in which you need to set the correct sequence of answers
- There may be questions that need the correct answer in the text box. Answers can be both text and numerical
- The test can have an unlimited number of questions, and a question has an unlimited number of answers
- Questions and answers can be moved
- You can add a hint to the question, which will be visible after answering the question
- You can attach one or more images to the question
- One image can be attached to the answer

💻 In the future release of a version for computers with operating systems Windows, MacOS and Linux.

The application is under active development.
If you find problems and wishes, write in reviews and email. 😉

If you have problems opening files, please ✍️ send them to [email protected] for analysis and error correction. 🙏
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