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Mar 13, 2023
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An Auction House, where else if not in Rome?
Rome is the city of antiques par excellence, of the great families and their sublime art collections, the city that has always welcomed the greatest artists of all eras, with the whole world of craftsmen and merchants, large and small , of the restorers, of the workshops that have made the glory of the fine arts.

Arcadia is the Auction House that was born in the center of Rome, a new attraction for those in search of rarities.
The founders of Arcadia Casa d'Aste in Rome draw ideas and resources from their previous experiences, both in the world of art and business, with the desire to propose a new place of enchantment, where to enhance the artistic heritage kept in historic homes and present it to the general public who are increasingly crowding the halls of auction houses around the world.

The group of experts and coordinators who work in the Roman Auction House Arcadia, carefully selected for undisputed expertise in the sector, direct the Departments and carry out accurate studies and research for the creation of objective estimates for the works of art that are chosen for the our catalogues. Arcadia auctions mainly deal with the sectors of antique furniture and paintings, oriental art and 18th century Neapolitan art, jewellery, modern and contemporary art. Each Arcadia Department is highly specialized, a guarantee for those who choose to entrust us with the precious objects in their possession and above all for those who, passionate about art and beauty, buy at Arcadia auctions.

Arcadia Casa d'Aste in Rome is not aimed only at collectors and dealers, but also at individuals looking for rare and unpublished art objects, offering them all the professional services connected with the sale and purchase of a cultural asset. such as art consultancy, estimates, appraisals and professional evaluations, inheritance divisions, restorations and specialized transport.

The English-style auctions and exhibitions take place in Rome, in the splendid Panninian halls of Palazzo Celsi Viscardi. Since 2019 Arcadia Aste has been able to offer its customers the opportunity to participate in online auctions in real time through the new site, an innovative tool that allows members to win art and precious objects during the auction, wherever they are. Since 2019, our site has also offered the possibility of sending offers in timed auctions always organized online, a tool that allows all art lovers to win rare and precious objects directly from the site.

Discover Arcadia Casa d'Aste in Rome and how to participate in the auctions in real time by simply registering on the site. Contact us for more information on auctions in Rome, both live at the Auction House headquarters and for online sales.
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