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May 11, 2023
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[ From remodeling to furniture, household goods, and home decoration ideas
Living interior in one place! ]

◼︎ Remodeling

A dull and difficult remodel.
Get ready step by step in ‘Starting Remodeling’!
Find out my interior taste, find the right one for your house
Looking around construction examples and space know-how
You can imagine your new home in 3D in advance.

◼︎ Store (Home furnishing)

From remodeling to furniture and household goods, all categories of products are available.
gathered in one place.
Delivery service that allows you to designate the delivery date as you like
Meticulous installation by professional construction engineers, free unloading service
Experience Hanssem’s differentiated service.

◼︎ Home ideas  (Interior tips)

We need ideas that fit our house, not someone else's pretty house.
Construction examples with the same or similar drawings as our house, as well as
You can also see various house decorating know-how.

[Home interior experts in one place! ]

◼︎ Connect with offline stores

Meet over 820 stores nationwide online.
If you have any questions, please contact us for consultation.
With just a few clicks, we connect you to the nearest store to your home.

◼︎ 1:1 Expert Matching

Hansaem Mall has 3,405 professional designers
I'm waiting now.
From consultation to design, transparent quotation, construction,
From start to finish, we take care of you throughout the home interior.

◼︎ Various spaces Know-how

accumulated so far through the nationwide network
There are more than 10,000 space interior know-how.
Get personalized suggestions through various tips.

[With Hansaem Mall, difficult remodeling is easy and comfortable! ]

◼︎ 3D Untact Consultation

I just want to get a quote, but it's burdensome to meet in person?
3D untact consultation is non-face-to-face, with 3D images as well as estimates
You can see our house in advance.

◼︎ Search by apartment

If you search only the name of the apartment, you can find construction examples suitable for your house and
You can see various styles.

◼︎ Remodeling Manager

A dedicated manager will take care of the long remodeling journey.
You can see the schedule for each process at a glance, and
Communication is easy and fast!

◼︎ Getting a sense of the remodeling budget

Before remodeling begins, you can plan an approximate budget yourself.
Just select the option you want.
We provide an estimated estimate for remodeling right away.

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