If you've tired of the payments derived from other games Meet the film event of the coin peoju only High Poker It awaits you -

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Mar 15, 2023
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하이 포커, 바둑이, 섯다, 홀덤 (넷하이 게임) GAME

Hi Poker - NetHiGames
high poker

Poker game that can be enjoyed in 3 seconds after installation
Enter the room with just 3 buttons
Position the betting button at will
free safe system
various events
Enjoying with users through a network on a smartphone
These are poker, baduk, hold'em, and seotda games.

※ Poker, Go, Seotda in one app
※ Free recharge provided a total of 10 times, 100 million every day
※ Up to 100 billion winning lottery tickets pop every 10 minutes
※ Victory event where you can accumulate victory points and receive up to 100 billion coins
※ You can receive up to 100 billion additional coins just by playing every day
※ Friend invitation event that pays 10 billion each when you invite a friend
※ Function to convert a user using a guest account to a regular member
※ Convenient and diverse login methods Google login, guest entry, regular membership registration
※ All-in reward that is generously put in the safe even if you go all-in

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※ Game Rating Board Rating Classification Number
- Poker: CC-OM-170118-001
- Go : CC-OM-170118-002
- Seotda: CC-OM-170118-003
- Right: CC-OM-170531-003
- Hold'em: CC-OM-201126-002

※ Mail-order business report number
- 2020-Daejeon Yuseong-0847

※ privacy policy
1) Collection of personal information

- When registering as a member, the company receives only the minimum amount of personal information necessary for service use as follows.
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