Joseon's full-fledged invasion of Japan MMORPG! Meet the Korean MMORPG in 2023!

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Jun 02, 2023
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조선협객전M GAME

[updated 1/18]
- System improvements
- Event Disguise Catcher / Fighter Appearance added
- Added Hanbat Artifact
- Added new gods
- Adjustment of balance for each job

Official Community Information
2021 Joseon's MMORPG 'Joseon Knight M'
The pinnacle of Korean MMORPG fun!
Those who remember the nostalgia of PC MMORPG that cannot be felt anywhere else! Come!

[Introduction to Chosun Hyeopgaek M]
■ A new shipbuilding experience in 2021!

■ Brilliant battles with 4 male/female jobs and various martial arts and martial arts!

■ Fun to grow your character with various collectibles!

■ A rich story to enjoy while learning about history and fun! More powerful content!

■ The true fun of games in one place! Community, munpa, PVP, large-scale occupation war!

■ Special PK system, including killing department, exile transfer, additional attributes, and multiple functions!
[Required permission]
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- If the capacity of the device you are using is insufficient, use the empty space in the device photos, media, and files.
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Business name: Smart Now Co., Ltd.
Representative: Hyundoo Song
Business registration number: 119-86-61101
Representative number: 063-231-0212
Mail order number: 2015-Seoul Geumcheon-1270
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