“Immortal Blade W-Immortal Blade W” open world martial arts new world MMORPG game, get limited items, top-notch costumes, and super roulette rewards!

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Aug 28, 2023
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이모탈 블레이드W-Immortal blade W GAME

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By adding the UE5 virtual ray tracing system based on the latest high-quality martial arts MMORPG game and PC-grade 3D graphics, you can experience more than traditional mobile game screen effects!

Game Features
▶ A large amount of benefits are prepared!
Experience epic equipment, limited rides and massive roulette bonuses!
Massive Gift Bonuses! Additional pickups available!

▶High-quality graphics, delicate details
The perfect combination of graphics and martial arts world through the new image shader makes the game beyond imagination!
Fine details and beautiful unexplored landscapes harmonize to create a new visual experience.

▶Fluent hitting, colorful graphics
Various dungeon play methods and free job conversion!
High-quality graphics and thrilling combat action skills will make players deeply immersed in the game.

▶Free exploration, immersive story
You can freely battle in the sea, land, sky, and various terrains, and enjoy new adventures through various dungeons. A new martial arts open world where you can experience a high degree of freedom in cultivation!

▶Smart Auto Battle
Login, offline, automatic battle mode You can get a large amount of rewards without lifting a finger in a variety of modes.
Even during your busy daily life, you can enjoy a quick promotion in automatic mode, and come back to enjoy the game in battle mode when you have time. All Day Everyday, 24Hour 7Day Rewards are the same anytime, anywhere!

▶ Various strategies, various factions
Clan functions, Gongbeop training, Dharma supernatural powers, and multi-dimensional training form your most unique Clan faction.
Various occupations and various skills, even if you are not in the strongest camp, you can aim for a reversal!

▶ 10,000 Unified Server Munpa Team Battle
Prepare for team battles by summoning allies to battle bloody battles across a massive 5,468 sq km map! City raids, boss challenges, and create your own Munpa legend!
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