Random Tower Defense with fun gameplay! Enjoy endlessly, grow and challenge yourself!

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Jul 14, 2023

운빨 타워 디펜스2 GAME

Random Tower Defense.. Do you like it?!
Then you should definitely play "Lucky Tower Defense 2"!

■ Tower defense that constantly summons and synthesizes!!
- Create your own placement strategy according to the maps that change for each chapter!
- Add luck to your skills to win the perfect match!
- Continuously synthesize and summon tier 5 towers!
- Defeat enemies using various Rune Stone skills!
- Collect, synthesize and enhance tons of equipment!

■ A league that challenges your limits!
- Join the league and prove your luck and strength!
- Keep pushing your limits!
- Receive rewards every week after the end of the league and invest in growth traits!

■ More than 60 unique equipment!!
- Collect and enhance tons of equipment!
- Create more than 10 Rune Stones and use magic!
- Defeat enemies like an RPG and farm random master rune equipment!

■ Numerous traits and achievements that make you stronger!!
- There are 9 traits that will help you in battle!
- There are 6 traits that help you grow faster!
- As you achieve achievements, all towers will receive a permanent attack power buff!
- You can learn 8 different achievement traits by completing very difficult achievements!

■ Safe and lively game operation!!
- User data is stored automatically and securely on Google servers!
- Continuous and fast content updates!
- Communicate with users by operating Naver Cafe!

■ Communication space official cafe operation!!

[Required] Save and read photos/media/files
- Video advertisement video download and game data storage
[Required] Read device status
- Check whether Wi-Fi is connected when watching advertisement video

* In this app, the ‘Nexon Football Gothic’ font produced by Nexon is applied.
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