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Apr 24, 2023
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수학대왕 - 수학 고민 끝 APP

Mathematics, are you worried about how to start? Are you frustrated that your grades do not go up even if you study?
King of Math will solve all your worries about studying math!
Raise your grades as the King of Mathematics, from problems to lectures, ability diagnosis and analysis.
A rise in grades is possible with Mathematics King.

If you find it difficult to study math and plan

Start with the systematically structured Mathematics Curriculum.
Start by studying the part that suits your skills analyzed by AI, and move on to the next level step by step!

■If you don't know how many problems to solve

All the problems you need, Mathematics King has it all.
From past problems to high-level problems, wrong and similar problems! Don't worry about the problem book, enter the King of Mathematics.
In particular, ORIGINAL problems created by the King of Mathematics boast a quality that can never be found anywhere else!

If you are tired of long and boring lectures

Study fun and efficiently with short core lectures unique to Mathematics King!
Listen to lectures that suit your skills and study plan, from commentary lectures provided for each problem to fruitful concept lectures.

■Are you studying well? If you are anxious

Check out my accurate skill report analyzed by AI, the King of Mathematics!
I'll let you know what percentage of my skills are in the top tier in the country, and where my expected score/estimated acceptance university is.

■Are you still hesitant to start?

Don't worry, Mathematics King's daily scholarship system will give you the driving force to study every day!


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