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May 24, 2023
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상위 1% 자산관리 AIM APP

Dividend income received monthly in USD;
With Aim, you can become a global asset manager from now on.

Knowledge, time, and capital are the three elements of investment.
Aim provides the knowledge and time of Wall Street financial experts.
We aim for a world where the threshold of wealth is lowered by continuous asset growth.

While I am faithful to my job, while I spend time with good people, while I sleep,
The AI ​​algorithm 'Esther' containing the Wall Street investment strategy operates the asset status monitoring system.
We seek stable asset growth by preemptively detecting and responding to risk factors.

Portfolio consulting based on global investment experience,
Partner with Aim and realize opportunities to grow as a wealthy person.

| Anyone can easily get top 1% global investment advice
- AI wealth management platform that invests worldwide and receives monthly dividends (USD)
- AI asset management algorithm 'Esther' applied with US Wall Street investment know-how
- Minimize risk and stable investment by diversifying over 12,700 overseas ETFs in 77 countries

| Aim's performance chosen by 1 million users
- Continuous investment performance of long breath, cumulative return of 42.52% over 4 years
- Excellent user experience and high satisfaction, 91% renewal rate after consulting expiration
- Joy of increasing overseas assets, additional investment rate of 41% (as of April 2021)

| Diverse portfolio customization
- Advice that meets goals such as 'Lifetime Safe Retirement Fund', 'Escape from Jeonse, Prepare a Home', and 'Let's Go Around the World'
- A gift for my child's future, 'AIM for My Junior'
- 'Personal Portfolio' where you can organize your own portfolio with Esther

Other inquiries and suggestions: support@getaim.co
Website: https://getaim.co
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