Together to create another world. Noritel, playground back of my hand

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Nov 29, 2023
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놀이터 : 내 꿈이 통하는 곳, 노리텔 GAME

A wholesome playground where you can find your own relationship!!
Share your taste and daily life and find your own soulmate~♡

- Make friends in the playground app!
- Talk to the user you want to be friends with with an action
- If your friend is not at the table, please leave a mail!
- Introduce yourself through status messages

A mobile playground that contains the sensibility of the 1st generation metaverse game PC Noritel
We invite you to our “playground”. Where my dreams come true! playground!

1)Easy level up system
Experience is growing just by connecting! The reward for leveling up is bonus~?!

2) Various emotional expressions
Emotions ride a LAN cable~~♡
The basics of crying, laughing, and getting angry! Rock Paper Scissors! say hi! kiss! nyah! dance! etc...
Enjoy various actions and facial expressions right now!

3) Peaceful community chat game
A community chat game playground with dreams and love!!
Community-type platform through common interests.
Anonymous positive power! You can only feel it in the playground~

4) Various and diverse maps
A virtual space decorated with the same terrain and features as a specific area!
A realistic map that moves real spaces such as plastic surgery, hair salons, and fishing spots!

5) My own unique character
Pawanol? a weak body? No words on the playground! Diet as a playground!
Everyone on the playground is a fashion leader! Personality can be created with various item combinations!

6) Various mini games
Quiz game - choose 4 items, if you answer the OX quiz correctly, you get an item?!
Big Escape Chicken - Leave it to your luck where the chicken will escape~
Fishing - Combination with items obtained through fishing?!
Treasure Hunt - Find hidden treasures all over the map!
Catch monsters - Catch various monsters such as mole rats, chickens, and Dalima!

7) Combination (reform) system
Get the item you want through item combinations!

8) Noki Noki
Noki noki, an item that changes every season
No one knows what items will come out! (>_<)

9) Private space
Memory Room, Quiet Room, Movie Room, Presentation Room!
Create the room you want and chat with your friends!

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[Game inquiry and bug report] [email protected]
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