A horse racing simulation game featuring more than 600 real-life racehorses, including historic and active horses. Now you can get "Kurofune", "Tim Ocean" and "Silence Suzuka"!

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Feb 15, 2024
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The long-awaited "horse racing simulation game" for horse racing fans is now available!
Acquire the best horses of all time and the strongest active horses to create the "strongest stable".
"Pride beyond generations collides now"

Now, with a new install, you can aim for popular horses such as "Narita Brian", "Tokai Teio", and "Oguri Cap" for up to 30 free "Rookie Support Gacha"!
In addition, famous horses such as “Kurofune”, “Tim Ocean”, and “Silence Suzuka” will be presented as a login bonus!
Let's start "Umapla" on this chance!

[What is the horse racing legend PRIDE? ]
"Keiba Densetsu PRIDE" is a realistic horse racing simulation game featuring racehorses that represent Japanese horse racing, such as Deep Impact, Orfevre, and Equinox.
There are also elements linked to real horse racing, such as improving the performance of racehorses through their performance in actual races.

[Enjoy a variety of racing modes! ]
In Umapura, you can enjoy the race from various perspectives, such as the "Jockey Mode" where you aim to win the race from the jockey's perspective, and the easy mode where you can select cards to advance the race.

[Compete with rivals all over the country and aim for the top! ]
Competitive elements such as "Weekly Battle" where you compete against users nationwide and compete for rankings, and "Trainer's Cup" where you aim to become an expert specializing in specific conditions. Grow your favorite horse and aim for the top!

[Over 600 total! Famous horses and active horses representing Japanese horse racing appear one after another!]
deep Impact
almond eye
silence suzuka
Narita Brian
oguri cap
Tokai Teio
daiwa scarlet
special week
gold ship
mejiro mcqueen
air groove
Buena Vista
symbol rudolph
rice shower
title holder
glass wonder
dough deuce
Gran Alegria
dearing tact
many others
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